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Washington County Wellness Initiative supports the following workgroups in providing services to the Washington County Area, if you have any questions click here to contact the WCWI Leadership Team for additional information. 

Access to Healthcare

The mission of Access to Healthcare is that all people in Washington County who are currently uninsured or underinsured will have a “medical home” that focuses on prevention, early detection and coordinated medical care.


  1. To gather/compile data to make the case that Washington County has a real problem with access to healthcare
  2. Write grants to fund the initiatives needed to improve access to health care
  3. Inform the public of their options and how to best get access to health care in Washington County
  4. To improve and expand current facilities and healthcare systems needed to deliver healthcare services
  5. Work with legislators and government agencies to improve policies/laws that impact healthcare

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Casa Hispana
Hispanic Outreach

The mission of Casa Hispana is to positively integrate Hispanics by networking information, capabilities and services, creating opportunities for full participation and contribution in our community.


  1. To provide assistance in order to help Hispanic individuals learn about their community, becoming a citizen and connecting with resources
  2. To assist community organizations by providing free interpreting, translation and case management for Hispanic individuals and families

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Family Promise
of Washington 
County, Inc.

Family Promise is a nonprofit and non-denominational organization for families in transition. The program provides temporary shelter hosted by host congregations. The mission is to help homeless and low-income families achieve sustainability or self-sufficiency

Family Promise of Washington County, Inc.'s Website

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Car Repair Project

The mission of the Car Repair Project is to assist low-income individuals with transportation needs such as automobile repairs, insurance, and tags.

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Project Prom

The vision for Project Prom is to provide the prom experience for low-income youth. The project provides girls and boys the experience of prom. For the girls, Project Prom provides the whole day, the hair, the make-up, and a little pampering. The girls receive prom dresses and the boys receive tuxedos. The prom experience allows youth to become a part of the experience, become more confident, and raises their self-esteem.

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Washington County 
Affordable Housing 

The Affordable Housing Coalition assesses housing gaps and barriers, and maintains a housing advocacy group designed to pull community partners together to increase and preserve the supply of decent, affordable, accessible housing for low- and moderate-income households in Washington County. The mission is to mobilize community partners to increase access to affordable housing through committed action.


  1. Housing Resource Center
    The Housing Resource Center is a one-stop-shop to help people with their housing needs and direct them to housing resources. We maintain a database of affordable housing units, applications for subsidized housing complexes and housing information such as “How to Avoid Foreclosure”, “HUD Homeownership”, “Housing Counseling”, “Guide to Single Family Home Mortgage Insurance”, “Shopping for Your Home”, and much more.

  2. Renter Education
    The renter education program is a 9 to 12-hour course designed to help renters communicate with landlords, create a personalized plan for stable housing, plan a workable household budget that makes paying rent a priority, review rental agreements to understand common terms and expectations, and learn how to take care of a home and how to move-in and move out the right way.

  3. Housing Rehabilitation
    The housing rehabilitation program was established to assist low to moderate income families with maintaining their homes in a safe, healthy condition that encourages pride of ownership in Bartlesville and surrounding communities. The program is designed for residents who intend to stay in their homes and is not a remodel program for resale.

  4. Partnership Development
    The Washington County Affordable Housing Coalition provides connections and linkages that allow affordable housing partners to work together to develop and preserve housing for low and moderate income citizens through the rehabilitation of existing properties and new construction. The WCAHC aims to accomplish this by forging strategic partnerships and actively supporting policies and initiatives that promote affordable housing.

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Positive Influence Committee

The Positive Influence Committee’s vision is for Washington County to have an accessible, available, effective, efficient, and affordable continuum of services for which support, strengthen and build protective and resiliency factors in our community. PIC’s mission is to create a better future for children, youth, and families through evidence-based prevention efforts.

Currently the Positive Influence Committee is one of eleven community action networks collaborating on the Cherokee Nation – WCWI SPF-PFS Project. The Cherokee Nation, acting through its Behavioral Health Prevention Programs (CNBHPP) developed the Cherokee Nation Community Action Network (CAN) that will target Strategic Prevention Framework-Partnership for Success (SPF-PFS) funds in two areas: (1) prescription drug misuse and abuse among persons' ages 12 to 25: and (2) underage drinking among persons' ages 12 to 20 in eleven communities of the Tribal Jurisdictional Service Area (TJSA). The goal of the initiative is to reduce the negative consequences of substance abuse specifically prescription drug misuse and abuse through a community-based prevention strategy utilizing the Strategic Prevention Framework.

  • Reducing substance abuse-related problems in communities within the Cherokee Nation TJSA;
  • Preventing the onset and reduce the progression of the consumption and harmful consequences of prescription drug misuse and abuse, and underage drinking of alcohol, within 11 counties in the TJSA;
  • Building prevention capacity and infrastructure at the Cherokee Nation and community levels; and
  • Developing a replicable, sustainable Strategic Prevention Framework model using learning groups within and between The Nation and community efforts.

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Washington County 
Association for 
Mental Health

The purpose of the Washington County Association for Mental Health shall be to improve mental health by promoting the development of community programs and policies which:

  • Increase availability of quality mental health services for children and adults
  • Strengthen mental health workforce recruitment, retention and training
  • Provide a full range of preventative mental health services
  • Include inpatient and outpatient day treatment for persons with drug addictions
  • Improve communication and joint planning among mental health providers.

Washington County Association for Mental Health's website

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Washington County 
Suicide Prevention 

The mission of the Washington County Suicide Prevention Coalition is to prevent suicide in Washington County through awareness, education and effective prevention, intervention and postvention.


  1. To reduce the rate of Suicide in Washington County.
  2. To have 25% of the community in Washington County trained in Question, Persuade, and Refer (QPR) training by 2015.
  3. To provide resources and awareness of suicide to citizens and business.
  4. Offer Gatekeeper Programs, ASIST and Mental Health First Aid, twice a year.
  5. Develop and Implement a Suicide Prevention Surveillance System (SPSS).
  6. Assist Tri-county Technology Center (TCT) in Implementing the Columbia TeenScreen.

Washington County Suicide Prevent Coalition's website

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Washington County 

WCTC‘s mission is to address the unmet transportation needs of Washington County in order to improve economic development and enhance quality of life.

The WCTC’s primary goal is to secure funding for sustained public transportation; a need which has been well-documented since the formation of the coalition in 2006

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